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We’ve added a host of new photos to the Sunbeam gallery.

A few years ago we were commissioned to make the wings, undertray and running boards on this exceptional 1912 Edwardian Sunbeam. The owner bought it at auction and has since overseen this marvellous restoration. Now in his personal collection we have been allowed to update our online gallery with this new set of photos I took recently.

- Mark

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We have recently added a small set of photos of a pair of steel front wings for a 1930 Sunbeam 18.2 FHC during their construction. The photo’s were taken by our client when we were offering them onto his car. They clearly show the different sections that make up the wing by the heat lines created when each section was gas welded together. We rarely use welding rod when gas welding panel sections together.

The louvred bonnet photo shows it being tailored to the car before a final fit and paper-up.

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