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We’ve just updated our extensive Vintage Bentley photo galleries with our newly fabricated aluminium exhaust and silencer box cladding for McKenzie Guppy’s special Bentley Speed Six build.

This wasn’t an easy job – an enclosed structure, double curvatures, concave recesses, built in sections yet had to look the part with a brushed aluminium finished.

The snake like exhaust pipe sections were made in two halves TIG welded together. The centre section was constructed separately tailored around the mounting bracket. The Exhaust silencer cladding box was made from a single wrap of rolled aluminium sheet welded along the join, again, with neat clad-work around the chassis mounting point.

The exhaust cladding has a number of functions, namely;

  1. to encapsulate the heat resistant binding used along the pipe work
  2. help with some heat retention under the drivers seat, and of course
  3. look professional

Please view our selection of 34 photos of the job in progress through to when it was completed and mounted on the car.

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We’ve just added another album to our Bentley photo gallery archive – the Bentley S3 album.

The bodywork on both these Bentley S3’s needed a fare amount of attention – leadwork in particular. The boys at McKenzie Guppy drafted Don in to complete the bodywork, part of a wider restoration. Both cars now look exquisite and form part of the Hawthorns Wedding Car fleet. For more photos and hiring details see Hawthorns Wedding Cars.

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We’ve now added even more photos to this 1935 Bentley Thrupp Maberly Darby drophead coupe photo album. You can now see our newly crafted coachwork in more detail, particularly when the panelling was finished and papered up, it looks quite smart actually.

Although these photos have just been discovered, the actual work took place during the mid 1990’s. So this has been partly a nostalgia trip for us as well as archive building.

We still have quite a few more photos of our Lagonda V12 Le Mans ‘Gunville Special’ build to add plus a couple more of the Lagonda M45 T5 Drophead tourer, so keep checking back…

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