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Having added a selection of new photos of a recent non-standard MGA front valance panel (above), I’ve decided to create a dedicated MG photo gallery page accompanying our work on an M-Type in the 1990’s and MG Metro back in the 1980’s. If we do get our hands on any other photos of work we’ve done on MG’s in the past I will be adding them to our new page and of course if we do any more MG work in the future.

We do like to show photo’s of the old panel next to a new one. We often get asked to repair panels that, to be honest, are too far gone and would take longer to make good than to make a brand new one. Sometimes it’s just better all round to plumb for a new one for obvious reasons.

- Mark

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Although I haven’t had the time to updated this site for a few months, it hasn’t meant we’ve been lazy! In fact we have a number of projects on the go plus we’ve managed to do one or two smaller jobs such as these louvred panels for a single seater racing car and for a Ford Escort Rally RS1700 bonnet (below).

Custom made Ford Escort rally RS1700 louvred bonnet panelOn both occasions customers have contacted us through this website requesting simple louvred panels and sent us templates or drawings. After a chat and an agreed estimate we got on with making them. When they were finished I emailed them photos, after payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer I shipped them off. Everyone’s happy – Panels by mail order!

If you’re after any sort of louvred panelling, please get in touch. We do have a number of louvre tools in stock which may well suit your job perfectly, on the other-hand we can custom make louvre tooling if our stock sizes are not suitable. We of course can work with all sorts of materials including aluminium, steel, brass, zinc and copper. Your panel doesn’t even have to be for a car!

See more photos of these louvred panels in our extensive online photo archive, follow the links above.

- Mark

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An old colleague of ours David Partridge is in the process of restoring a 1933 Riley Lynx drophead tourer and asked us to re-skin the doors. A nice relatively simple job and one of many aluminium door skins we have re-skinned over the years.

See more photos of these new tailored skins in the Riley parts gallery.

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