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An old client of ours is in the process of building a Jaguar D-Type replica. The plastic screen used on this car is rather weak on its own so it needed some sort of supporting structure. Although not standard, our brass surround looks tasteful and does the job of strengthening up the plastic screen and stops it flopping about.

A fiddly job to manufacture to be honest, you have to be very careful when handling it off the car. The joints have been carefully silver soldered, made entirely in brass and nickel plated to match the plating elsewhere on the car.

You can see more photos of this job in our Jaguar photo galleries, so go check it out.

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We recently made a new aluminium mirror cowling for a D-Type Jaguar. A small job but actually quite satisfying and interesting to do.

Whilst Dad was making it I not only took a series photos I also made some short video clips too. See our photo album in our Jaguar gallery and the video of how we made it here.

Unfortunately I missed Dad welding the sections together, before I realised he’d already done it! Oh well, we’ll do a dedicated aluminium welding video shortly.

- Mark

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