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During December 2011 McKenzie Guppy asked us to look at these Lucas P100 Headlights for a Bentley Speed Six. The bezels and bowls all had small dents plus various areas that needed attention and overhauling.

Due to the way these lights were constructed dismantling the entire bezels to reach some of the dents would have meant a lot more extra work, not necessarily tapping out the dents, but disassembling and reassembly. To get around that we solder filled the low spots. When the repairs were finished we carefully polished the brass ready for copper plating. After plating all functions and gapping was checked and we then polished the items again in preparation for the nickel plating.

The solder used sets very hard and is more suited to repairs prior to chrome or plating than regular soft solders. Softer solders may become hot and unstable when polished because of the heat generated. Great care was taken when hand polishing these headlights.

More information and photo’s of these Lucas P100 Headlight repairs can be found in our photo gallery.

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