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Some years ago we made this bumper set for a 1939 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet. Constructed entirely by referencing a single photograph there wasn’t old one to copy and take templates from! This was part of the reason why we had to made a jig for the overriders as seen in the photograph above.

We have also created a new photo gallery page dedicated to all things Delahaye, so go check out some more snaps of these Delahaye bumpers.

You can even see these bumpers on the car in the flesh at Haynes Motor Museum.

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Having added a selection of new photos of a recent non-standard MGA front valance panel (above), I’ve decided to create a dedicated MG photo gallery page accompanying our work on an M-Type in the 1990’s and MG Metro back in the 1980’s. If we do get our hands on any other photos of work we’ve done on MG’s in the past I will be adding them to our new page and of course if we do any more MG work in the future.

We do like to show photo’s of the old panel next to a new one. We often get asked to repair panels that, to be honest, are too far gone and would take longer to make good than to make a brand new one. Sometimes it’s just better all round to plumb for a new one for obvious reasons.

- Mark

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An old client of ours is in the process of building a Jaguar D-Type replica. The plastic screen used on this car is rather weak on its own so it needed some sort of supporting structure. Although not standard, our brass surround looks tasteful and does the job of strengthening up the plastic screen and stops it flopping about.

A fiddly job to manufacture to be honest, you have to be very careful when handling it off the car. The joints have been carefully silver soldered, made entirely in brass and nickel plated to match the plating elsewhere on the car.

You can see more photos of this job in our Jaguar photo galleries, so go check it out.

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Although I haven’t had the time to updated this site for a few months, it hasn’t meant we’ve been lazy! In fact we have a number of projects on the go plus we’ve managed to do one or two smaller jobs such as these louvred panels for a single seater racing car and for a Ford Escort Rally RS1700 bonnet (below).

Custom made Ford Escort rally RS1700 louvred bonnet panelOn both occasions customers have contacted us through this website requesting simple louvred panels and sent us templates or drawings. After a chat and an agreed estimate we got on with making them. When they were finished I emailed them photos, after payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer I shipped them off. Everyone’s happy – Panels by mail order!

If you’re after any sort of louvred panelling, please get in touch. We do have a number of louvre tools in stock which may well suit your job perfectly, on the other-hand we can custom make louvre tooling if our stock sizes are not suitable. We of course can work with all sorts of materials including aluminium, steel, brass, zinc and copper. Your panel doesn’t even have to be for a car!

See more photos of these louvred panels in our extensive online photo archive, follow the links above.

- Mark

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So have you heard about the latest social media website? Well it’s called Pinterest, basically an online pin-board for all your favourite digital imagery you see around the web. We thought it would be a cool place to be plus it should be an opening for others to discover our work within our extensive online photo galleries and throughout this website.

See us on Pinterest

It’s also a great place to find inspiration and see what others find unique or special. After a quick search you’ll soon discover a wonderful array of impressive photography, unique styling, bodywork, rare cars, rare vintage cars and one-off’s. In fact within 30seconds we’d already seen a photo of the Lagonda V12 Le Mans ‘Gunville Special’ someone had pinned.

As of today we only have two pin boards or just ‘boards’ – What We Do and Antiques and Copperwork up and running but we’ll be creating more shortly.

You’ll also may have noticed we’ve added small Pin It buttons next to all our photographs and within each photo lightbox pop-up making it super easy for you share that photo on Pinterest.

Follow us by clicking the big Follow me on Pinterest above or the square ‘P’ button next to our YouTube channel button on the top right hand corner of every page.

Happy pinning…

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We’ve just manufactured three small batches of the popular Aston Martin DB2 front wing mouldings, rear light plinths and DB4 & DB5 internal roof trims for Aston Service Dorset so if you’re after any these bodywork parts then give them a call.

We’ve also updated our respective online part galleries with these new gleaming photos sets and finally completed this sites Aston Martin projects page for those aluminium DB4 and DB5 internal roof trims.

If you’re wondering how great our brasswork’s looking that’s mainly down to our new variable speed polishing/buffing machine which is now up and running at long last! Know doubt you’ll be seeing even more shiny metalwork from now on…

- Mark

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We’ve just updated our extensive Vintage Bentley photo galleries with our newly fabricated aluminium exhaust and silencer box cladding for McKenzie Guppy’s special Bentley Speed Six build.

This wasn’t an easy job – an enclosed structure, double curvatures, concave recesses, built in sections yet had to look the part with a brushed aluminium finished.

The snake like exhaust pipe sections were made in two halves TIG welded together. The centre section was constructed separately tailored around the mounting bracket. The Exhaust silencer cladding box was made from a single wrap of rolled aluminium sheet welded along the join, again, with neat clad-work around the chassis mounting point.

The exhaust cladding has a number of functions, namely;

  1. to encapsulate the heat resistant binding used along the pipe work
  2. help with some heat retention under the drivers seat, and of course
  3. look professional

Please view our selection of 34 photos of the job in progress through to when it was completed and mounted on the car.

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For the past number of weeks we have been fabricating a brand new bumper set for a 1930’s Packard 12 build a colleague of ours is currently undertaking.

At first glance they look fairly straight forward but on closer inspection you’ll see subtle curves in the blades and tapered blade end points where they wrap around the ends. With double curvatures within each handed blade it’s important we maintained the parallel straight edges along each length, we took great care in making sure we achieved this.

The chrome dome ends that are a popular design feature on this type of American vehicle are attached in an unconventional way – they’re just bonded in place – so we had to construct the end points in a slightly different way to how we would on a British car of this era. At the end of the day I’m sure they’ll look great when the blades are chromed and irons painted.

Each bumper is detachable from its ironwork configuration by way of a simple nut and bolt hidden within the end point. We were not commissioned to make the over-riders, they’ll be handled by our fellow coachbuilding colleague.

We left the bare metal with a neat hand brushed finish ready for the coppering and chroming processes.

Why not see our our full Packard bumper set photo album in our new Packard gallery.

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We’ve now added a new photo album of these front wing or fender mouldings for the 1948-53 drophead cars to our Lagonda galleries. The sets you see on this site are with the tabs unattached or un-soldered because our US customer wished to align their wing fixing points with their new mouldings and preferred to solder them on themselves.

If you require a pair please contact us and we’ll be happy to fabricate another set for you, with or without the tabs attached (soldered).

Find out more in our new Lagonda Parts section of this site.

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Our Rolls Royce gallery archive has now been updated with a series of new photos of our finished work in fabricating a set of storage boxes for a HJ Mulliner bodied 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom 1.

Alongside the photos we already had of the aluminium storage compartment made to go behind the dicky seat, these new additions show off the lockable storage areas we constructed in the valance area between the running boards and body.

All new photos have been kindly sent to us by the vehicle’s owner, no doubt in between one of the tours we know this car’s often seen on.

- Mark

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