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We’ve now added a new photo album of these front wing or fender mouldings for the 1948-53 drophead cars to our Lagonda galleries. The sets you see on this site are with the tabs unattached or un-soldered because our US customer wished to align their wing fixing points with their new mouldings and preferred to solder them on themselves.

If you require a pair please contact us and we’ll be happy to fabricate another set for you, with or without the tabs attached (soldered).

Find out more in our new Lagonda Parts section of this site.

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We’ve now added even more photos to the Lagonda V12 Le Mans ‘Gunville Special’ album. They include the construction of the aluminium body and bonnet as well as those chassis and suspension covers or ‘bombs’ we added a couple of days ago.

This build was a special one-off, one of five Lagonda V12 le Mans replica’s we’ve built for Joe Harding.

The ‘Gunville Special’ incorporated a number of unique features namely a two part bodywork assembly you won’t see on other Le Mans V12’s. You can find out more in our project write up.

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We’ve updated the Lagonda V12 Le Mans ‘Gunville Special’ photo album with five quality photos of these newly created aluminium chassis and suspension covers otherwise known as ‘bombs’ due to the distinctive look.

Mesh was later set into the rear bodywork sections to help increase air floor through the engine bay, you can see this in the photos taken after the car was painted. I suppose it could be said these were therefore Lagonda V12 Le mans chassis and suspension cover Mark-1’s..!

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