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Period: Late 2000’s
Coachwork/Panelling By: DMark Concepts, Don and Mark Standhaft

The 1919 Ballot's new framework, body, bonnet and radiator, nearside

What makes this job so interesting is its history and how we actually made it. Iconic and highly innovative this car was well ahead of its time, let’s not forget this was designed and built nearly a century ago.

We where guided almost entirely from a set of photos and by the extensive knowledge of the owner who has probably done more research on this car and the Indianapolis Ballots than anyone else in the world. Best estimates, measurements, sizes, shapes, curvatures, furniture and positioning of much of our work was derived from old photographs, photocopies and references from the restored sister car in America.

The 1919 Ballot's rear seating construction

One unique feature was the how the seats form the two rear quarters of the frame itself which is a neat idea, mind you the actual driving position is a bit of a squeeze!

The bonnet is also quite something. The challenge for us was to manufacture the row of louvres on the nearside which evenly decrease in size along its length. Each louver being a few millimetres less than the one before was formed with the same louvre tool and machined down after each pressing. Of course we had to make sure the cut was correct because it was impossible to re-press any previous louvers once the tool had been machined.

The 1919 Ballot's new radiator

The frame is constructed differently to the later 1930’s cars.

This long running project is being overseen and engineered by Jim Avery, Dorchester we’re all looking forward to seeing this car on the road.

Don Standhaft

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